“My First Hunt” by James Immordino

by James Immordino

My mom has always wanted me to go on a hunt with her.  I started taking lessons with Robin Gibbs so I could learn how to ride better.  On my first hunt, I expected to go over jumps and ride in the woods.  I though it might be too frightening to go fast and did not know quite what to expect.  I wanted to hunt because I thought it would be fun to be with my mom and other horses when they are hunting.

When my mom and I got to Jamesport, where the hunt started, it was very easy to tack up the horses and talk to other people.   After waiting for everyone to start, we hacked down a dirt road to where the hunt started.  There were three flights.  First flight is the fastest and they mostly cantered.  The second flight mostly trots and canters.   I went on the third flight because it was the slowest and I just wanted to walk and trot.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to canter.  My mom stayed right with me and only went as fast as I felt comfortable.

On the hunt, we followed the hounds that were following the fox scent.   One time, the hounds got off track so we had to wait.   We saw two deer running out of the woods and across the field.  The hounds picked up the deer scent and ran after the deer, instead of the fox scent.   The huntsmen had to round up the hounds and get them on the right track before we could continue.

We rode across fields, down dirt roads and through some of the woods.  We followed the second flight, which went a little bit faster, but we were always able to see the first flight and see the hounds at work.

My favorite part of the hunt was when we went through the woods.  It was very fun and exciting to go in between the trees and we rode through one ditch to get out of the woods.   To my surprise, I actually cantered three or four times on the way back to the trailers.

After the hunt, my mom and I hosted the tea.   Mr. Maple had just opened the tea when it started to rain.  Everyone helped move the tables into the tractor shed to get out of the rain.   I really liked the pasta but my favorite was the cookies.

I had a lot of fun on my first hunt and I hope I can go again with the Junior Hunt in the spring.


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