The Smithtown Hunt was organized in 1900 and recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association in 1906.  The Smithtown Hunt is now the only hunt surviving on Long Island.  For many years, we hunted both live and drag, but in recent years have become exclusively a drag hunt.  This means that a scent is laid on the ground, and it is that scent of the fox that the hounds follow.

The Smithtown Hunt maintains and breeds a pack of foxhounds that are registered with the masters of Foxhounds Association. The hunt staff assists in the care, feeding and exercising of the pack which is supervised by the huntsman who is under the master’s direction.

The Master of Foxhounds – MFH is the person or persons responsible for the kennels and showing good sport in the field. They run the day to day operations of the hunt.  They work with landowners to preserve the land hunted on, and are responsible for carrying out the mission of the hunt, membership and both riding and tea events.

The Huntsman is the person who controls the hounds in the field to give a good day’s sport.  They give directions to the whippers-in in the field, and know each hound by name, color, markings and ability in the field.

The Whippers-In are staff members who assist the huntsman in the control of the hounds in the field and the kennels.  They are also responsible to walk hounds during and after the hunt season.  They assist the huntsman in exhibitions, parades and hound shows.

The Field Master is the person who leads the field in the pursuit of the fox (scent) to keep up with the hounds, but keeping a safe distance from the staff and hounds at work.

The Field consists of members and cappers who are riding with the hunt that day.

Cappers are invited guests riding with the hunt that day

The Smithtown Hunt is now a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, whose mission is Conservation, Preservation and Education.

The following pages are your guidelines when foxhunting with The Smithtown Hunt.  They will prepare you for a safe and knowledgeable day of foxhunting.  You will learn the traditions, the thrill of watching the hounds work and make new friends.  TALLY HO!




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