At the Meet

Please be on time for all meets.  At least 30 minutes prior to scheduled time on fixture card.  The time on your fixture card designates the time the hounds will be cast.

Always inform your field master if you wish to leave the field.  They must keep track of everyone behind them in case of an accident.

Professionals and barns are required to prepare a list of riders and their horses to be given to the secretary before the hunt begins.  They are to present their capping fee, sign releases and introduce their riders to the secretary.

Do not block driveways, roads, etc. with your trailer.  Be considerate of others.

Do not sweep trailers out on parking lots or private property.  Be considerate of our landowners.

Always give a greeting to masters and staff.  They have worked hard to make your day safe and fun.

If you are riding another horse other than your usual, inform the secretary.

At the end of the day, follow the hounds back to the hound truck and remain there until the hounds have finished their reward and are safely back in the truck.  Thank your Masters and staff for the day’s sport.



Please support the fine businesses that support our Hunt.

Contact Infomation

Honorary Secretary:  Christa Duva
354 Eastport Manor Road, Manorville, NY  11949