Hunting Etiquette

Don’t exaggerate or overplay falls or accidents to create any impression that this is a regular occurrence.  This can lead to bad public relations for the Smithtown Hunt and for fox hunting in general.

Speak of fox hunting in a positive manner to give a good impression of it. Stress its pageantry, healthful exercise, its traditions of hundreds of years and its national and international brotherhood.

If you or your horse tires, wave riders by quickly so they do not lose the hunt.

If your horse quits a fence, pull to the side and wait until everyone has jumped and then you jump.  The hunt field is not a schooling area.

Green horses should always start in second flight, and then gradually move to the end of first flight at the appropriate time

If your horse kicks, it should be flagged with a red ribbon and ridden at the rear of the field.  The hunt field is no place for a kicker.

Keep good distance between yourself and the horse in front of you.  This is for your safety and theirs.

Don’t approach the huntsman in the field.  If he needs help, the field master will send someone.  Stay away from the hounds at a check. Permission from the field master must be granted before you can approach the huntsman or a staff member.

Never interfere with a hound by using your voice or a whip.

It is imperative that each of us respects every acre we ride on. Without the landowners we would not have our sport.  Respect newly seeded fields and seedlings.  Always track!

No one is permitted to ride on hunt country on non hunting days.  The hunt has permission to ride as a group on specific days, many times by permit only.

If anyone damages a jump, please report it to the field master at the next check.

At the end of the day always thank your Masters and staff and wait for all the hounds to be put back in the hound truck before you return to your trailer.



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