Horse & Tack


  • Properly groomed and fit.
  • Horses braided for Opening and Closing hunts, Parades, Exhibitions, Hunter Trials and The Smithtown Hunt Horse Show.  Yarn should be the color of the horse’s mane with the exception of St. Patrick’s Day parade which may be green.
  • Red ribbon or tape should be tied on the tail of a horse that kicks.  A green ribbon on the tail of a green horse.  However, a red and green ribbon on the tail of a green horse that kicks.  Kickers should always be at the end of the field.
  • Horses should be clipped for winter hunting.


  • Tack should be clean and in good repair.
  • Dark rubber reins are permitted.
  • White contoured saddle pads.   No square pads.
  • Plain flat hunting bridle – no fancy stitching.  Caveson required.
  • Hunting breastplates and martingales are optional.
  • English leather saddles.
  • Leather girths preferable but string and web permissible.



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Contact Infomation

Honorary Secretary:  Christa Duva
354 Eastport Manor Road, Manorville, NY  11949