Shoreham Series

The Smithtown Hunt members are described as members, who pay a full riding subscription for the season no later than Opening Day of the formal season in November. If that member elects to join as a subscribing member or not to at all and has ridden in SS events prior to Opening (when their full riding subscription is due), then they will be charged the non-member fee for each of those events. They will be billed for the difference.  ALL riding disciplines are welcome to participate. The only requirement is that a hard hat must be worn as stipulated in our insurance policy.  A release form must be signed prior to participation. Forms may be printed from

Riders may ride more than once, but their second ride disqualifies the individual and that team from placing. If a rider chooses to ride more than one time, they must pay the full entry fee for each ride and complete a second entry form. A rider who rides more than one time in any one event will receive only 0.5 points for participation in the event if he does not place with the first team in the event.   A horse may only make ONE TRIP per event. No two riders may use the same horse in any one event. No single rider may use the same horse for a second trip.   All teams judged equally (as in one division).   Teams of two or three riders are permitted. Teams may be MIXED: senior/junior/SH riding member/non-member/English/Western.   There is a 2 ½ hour time limit to complete the course. If a team should exceed that time limit, that team will not be considered for that event’s results.  Dress code is neat and proper attire for the riding discipline practiced by the participant.

Each event will award the following places: 1st through 6th.

Point System

Points are awarded to a team. Team points will be divided equally among each team member, I.E. if a team consists of three members and that team places first, 14 points will be divided equally by each member (14/3 = 4.67 points each). All team members must complete the course in order for the team to be eligible to place in the event.

Place                                                   Team Point Award

First Place                                                   14
Second Place                                              12
Third Place                                                 10
Fourth Place                                               9
Fifth Place                                                   7
Sixth Place                                                  6
Participation (no placing)                    .5 points for each event

Any rider who participates in ALL of the held Shoreham Series events, even if their team was disqualified because a member of the team did not finish the event, will be awarded seven (7) bonus points to their series total.

Single Event Ties:
If a team should tie in any single Shoreham Series event, points/placings will be awarded in the following manner:
For Example: If two teams are tied for first, then the sum of the first and second place (a total of 26 points) will be divided EQUALLY among each of the team members. Both teams will receive FIRST PLACE RIBBONS.
The next place awarded will be THIRD (total teams points of 10). This procedure will hold true of each tied place and number of teams tied.
There will be awarded one Champion and one Reserve Champion in each of TWO DIVISIONS: SH MEMBER and NON-MEMBER. The Smithtown Hunt trophy will be awarded to the Series Champion in the MEMBER division.  Points will be tallied from each event, bonus points added, if applicable.

Highest point total: Champion; Second highest point total: Reserve Champion.

Series’ Tie-Breaking Procedure (champion & reserve champion):

First Tie-Breaker: The rider who has participated in the most Shoreham Series events will be named the winner of the tie-breaker.

Second Tie-Breaker: The rider who has placed the highest in the first pace, then, the second pace, then the third, etc.

Third Tie-Breaker: The rider whose birthday comes closest to the date the series’ chairperson determines. Shared with the Masters only at the start of the series.




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Honorary Secretary:  Christa Duva
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